My name is Solveig Onken and I am a certified international Make-Up Artist

In 2013 I started my study, Make-Up Artist & Hairdresser International, at the Thomas Institute in Utrecht, Netherlands. I loved working on my future and was eager to get to work.

Before I finished my education, I managed to get my internship with Arjen van der Grijn. The whole internship was an amazing experience and made me fall in love with working on set.

Eversince I have been working on improving as many aspects as I can on being a Make-Up Artist and a teamplayer on set. After developing the standard make-up and hairdresser skills, I continued to study to specialize as Make-Up Artist Allround and allround hairdresser.

Nowadays I enjoy working on set, creating my make-up and/or SFX, keeping my eye on my work and keeping it clean. Besides make-up, I like taking care of the actors, maintaining hair and/or clothing and keeping continuity.

My love for make-up continues far beyond the ‘normal’ use, which is why I specialize myself on other fields, like wounds, bodyparts and masks. This way, I create (fantasy)creatures, monsters, zombies, but also corpses, a severed arm or leg. Whatever is needed to complete the production.

Thus, I can work from home or the studio to create these designs and props, next to the positive fuss of working on set.


Every request and every idea is welcome. There are no problems or obstacles, just challenges!