So! Make-Up Art was founded by Solveig Onken in 2012.
It started small with some cute make-up, cool hairstyles and beautiful outfits. But soon, that wouldn't be enough anymore....
Well, it wasn't that dramatic, but it took some exploring for me to figure out what I loved most.
I started with some (film) set-experience and was welcomed by Arjen van der Grijn for an internship. Although it could be quite some from time to time, I loved the work-vibe and all movie magic.
Nowaday's I'm just in love with working on set and see it as a blast to do, eventhough it still wasn't enough.
Soon after make-up, I learned about the special effects, characters and wounds to be made. 
Next to all this joy and happiness, I started to notice some things I didn't like about my profession.
What I came across mostly, and still do, are the prices. Ofcourse I know just as any other, that you have to pay big bucks to get the top notch goods! But where does it say they all have to be expensive, or very subordinate?
I'm a big movie fan and love the work of the Hollywood pro's. Just don't forget they started out small aswell.
That's why I want to make the best and coolest possible props, for the lowest possible prices. 
Every starting-, indie or even professional filmmaker, photographer or haunted house organizer; you are all welcome!
Tell me what you'd like, what the costs may be and we'll make it happen!